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The Union Church of Guatemala is looking for a senior pastor to begin by May 1, 2021. APPLICATION DEADLINE APRIL 1, 2021

The Union Church of Guatemala has been serving the English-speaking community of Guatemala City for 75 years. This Bible-based, interdenominational congregation brings together believers from many church backgrounds – we often say that we major on the majors and avoid getting tripped up by minor theological issues where our backgrounds might diverge. Our services are in English and our diverse membership is made up of North Americans, Europeans, other third-country nationals, and bilingual Guatemalans seeking to worship in English.

About the Union Church of Guatemala
Three Sunday services reflect the worship preferences of members and include a contemporary, traditional, and coffee-house style worship service. The church offers active children's, youth, and women's ministries. Pre-pandemic, attendance for the three services was around 200 unique individuals per week, though presently, online services have been higher. The annual budget in recent years has consistently remained around US$260,000 and the church is governed by the Church Council and Board of Elders.

The Union Church of Guatemala is an independent, self-supporting and self-governing church. As such, it receives no financial assistance from a denomination or missionary society. The church owns its land and building, has no debt, and has no plans for expansion. The salary for this position will be competitive and no support needs to be raised. The Senior Pastor will have access to on-site housing at no cost or will be able to choose to live off site at his own expense.

About Guatemala City
Guatemala City is the largest city in Central America. The church is located in an urban setting next to a small park and within walking distance from hundreds of restaurants and cafés. Often referred to as the country of the eternal spring, Guatemala City enjoys wonderful weather with low humidity and an average temperature of 70o F, 22o C. Visit the following website for more information: Moving to Guatemala

COVID in Guatemala
With mandatory mask use by law and strict quarantines during the first months of the pandemic, Guatemala has dealt with the Coronavirus better than many countries. When the country initially closed down, the church leaders developed an online service that has been broadcast on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. At the time this was written (January 2021), the church has reopened with a limited attendance as mandated by law, while the online services have continued to have a strong viewership.

Minimum Qualifications
The successful applicant must:
●Be male
●Believe that he has been called into the ministry by God
●He shall meet the qualifications for a minister as recorded in the Bible (I Timothy 3:2-7)
●Possess native or near-native fluency in English
●Have strong mature, and godly character
●Demonstrate gifted insight into the scripture and communicate well those insights to others
●Be ordained by a Protestant denomination
●Be willing to relocate to Guatemala City
●Accept an initial contract of three years

Preferred Qualifications
The exceptional applicant will also possess:
●Speaking, and reading skills in Spanish
●Good understanding of the dynamics of a church working in multicultural ministry
●Masters of Divinity or higher degree from an accredited Seminary or School of Theology
●Experience in lay/pastoral capacities, serving in a church or other Christian ministry for at least 10 years combined
●Minimum of five years of experience in serving in the church as a senior pastor
●A history of leading staff of different sizes, including mentoring younger leaders
●Knowledge of Guatemala City, Guatemala

Responsibilities and Duties
The Senior Pastor at the Union Church of Guatemala:
●Shall be charged with promoting the spiritual welfare of the congregation.

●Shall seek to relate the church members and interested persons to the various opportunities for service in the Church.

●Shall observe the traditions of the Church presented by the Board of Elders during the candidate's visit. Changes to the traditions of the church shall be made only after gaining the approval of the appropriate board.

●Shall have the distinct understanding that all ministerial teachings and activities shall be evangelical and strictly non-sectarian. The non-sectarian requirement shall be understood to mean that denominational distinctives will not be promoted.

●Shall be responsible for the Sunday worship services.

●Shall serve as chief-of-ministerial staff, which includes the Church secretary, choir director, youth minister, pianist, and organist. When a vacancy occurs in the ministerial staff, the Minister shall have input into the filling of that vacancy.

●Shall do parish visiting.

●Shall be responsible for maintaining records of baptisms, weddings, funerals, and a complete and up-to-date list of members (active and inactive) with their addresses.

●May attend any meeting of any board or committee of which the Minister is not a voting member in the absence of a request to the contrary by its chairman.

●Shall be a voting member of the Board of Christian Education.

●Shall assure that an adequate youth program be maintained.

●In consultation with the Board of Elders, shall arrange for the pulpit to be filled during his absences.

●Shall serve as a member of the crisis management team.

●Serve as a voting member of the Church Council.

Required Documents for Application – Send to:

●Cover letter
●Curriculum vitae/resume

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